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Who We Are

In 2001, Founding Executive Director Timothy Schmaltz  formed PAFCO to advocate for alternatives to drastic state budget cuts in the health and human service sectors. 

For almost two decades, PAFCO has provided a unique and powerful voice on behalf of Arizona's vulnerable populations.  PAFCO continues to be a leading advocacy organization that influence public policy priorities for the betterment of the health and human service community. 

What We Do 

In order to make lasting improvements in our communities and for Arizona families,  PAFCO works toward rebalancing budget priorities, restoring essential health and human services funding, promoting sustainable policy solutions that end cycles of poverty, and advocating for equitable access to the ballot box.


PAFCO Offers: 

Mission & Vision 

Our Focus & Our Goal  >

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Our mission is to unite the community to be a powerful voice for Arizona's vulnerable.


Our vision is a just and thriving Arizona where all people are valued equally and living to their full potential.