Election Day

PAFCO and Voting

  • PAFCO is a nonprofit organization in partnership with Nonprofit VOTE, who works to ensure that everyone in Arizona has access to the ballot box - regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status.

  • PAFCO participates in nonpartisan voter registration, voter education, GOTV efforts, and health and human services issues advocacy.

  • PAFCO does not endorse or oppose candidates, make campaign contributions/ expenditures, rate candidates on who is most favorable to our issues, or let candidates use PAFCO's facilities or resources. We are a nonpartisan organization!

Voting Toolkit

  • PAFCO has put together a toolkit with information and data about voter registration and participation, helpful links, messaging and sample social media, graphics, and more. To access the toolkit, click here.
  • PAFCO has created civic engagement graphics that can be used for social media posts. To download the graphics, click here.

  • To host voter registration at your nonprofit, email info@pafcoalition.org

2020 Elections

The General Election is November 3, 2020. You must be registered to vote by October 5, 2020 to participate in this election

  • 2020 Presidential Election

    • Donald Trump vs Democrat party nomination

    • As of April 2020, Joe Biden is the only person still running as a democrat

  • U.S. Senate

  • U.S. House

    • To find out what congressional district you belong in, click here

    • To see who is running for the House of Representatives in your district, click here

  • Arizona State Legislature

    • To see who is running for Arizona State Senate or House of Representatives in your district, click here

    • To find out what legislative district you belong in, click here

Voting and COVID-19

  • With Governor Ducey issuing the "Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected" order, concerns have been raised about the safety of voting at the polls in 2020. There’s no reason to ask people to choose between their health and their democratic rights.

  • Because of this, PAFCO supports the movement for Vote By Mail+ in Arizona. This involves mailing a ballot to EVERY registered voter in Arizona while still providing safe and meaningful in-person options for people without reliable mail service, or who need accommodations or language assistance.

  • For more information on Vote By Mail+ and the Permanent Early Voter List, click here.

  • To write your legislators about these programs, click here.

2019-2020 Election Dates



Presidential Preference Election
March 17, 2020

May 19, 2020*

Primary Election
August 4, 2020

General Election
November 3, 2020


Presidential Preference Election

February 18, 2020

April 20, 2020*

Primary Election

July 6, 2020

General Election

October 5, 2020

*Local jurisdictions only.

Note: All voter registration deadlines are pursuant to A.R.S. §§ 16-120 & 16-134.